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We use cookies to provide our publishers pseudonymized data for analytical reasons. This is exclusively data that does not allow direct conclusions to a natural person, but can still result in an identifiable profile. For additional information about YIELDKIT and cookies, please see our Privacy Policy.

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The collected data is used exclusively for the following purposes:

Exclusive aggregated reporting for publishers using the YIELDKIT service

If you would like to disable this YIELDKIT analysis for pages you visit, please click the button below. You can reactivate YIELDKIT at any time.

Please note that you only deactivate the analysis on this device and for this browser, as an "opt-out cookie" is created when you opt-out, with which we can only identify you on this device and for this browser. If you use several computers and/or browsers, you have to repeat the opt-out procedure on all your devices and browsers. Furthermore, when you delete the cookies, you have to make sure that you do not delete the opt-out cookie because otherwise you will have to repeat the process.

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